What is the 2016 Fun Page?
As All About Hem's 12th birthday approached, I realized that there have sadly been no news updates since the last site birthday. So I decided to make my own news! I reached out to members of Hem to see if they had any photos, stories, songs, or anything else they could share with All About Hem. They do! Because they are awesome! This page collects all the brand new Hem goodies band members shared with All About Hem. Thank you, Hem!
Fun Goodie #1
Here is Hem on Episode 2 of Live at Club Cafe, featuring performances and interviews from performers at Pittsburgh's Club Cafe. Hem starts at about the 12 minute mark. This performance is from Hem's February 11, 2005 show and includes clips of Stupid Mouth Shut, All That I'm Good For, Redwing, Tennessee Waltz, Jackson, and Dance With Me, Now Darling, with band interviews between each clip. At least some of the performance is from the late show since two of these songs were not played at the early show, but some of the video may be from the early show - I don't know! This show was initially only available to see on TV for select Comcast subscribers, but now it's new to the site.

Fun Goodie #2

Continuing this year's batch of brand new Hem goodies that started last week, today brings a tour photo from Dawn Landes, Hem's backing vocalist and glockenspiel player (more about that soon!). Dawn took this backstage before Hem's wonderful February 9, 2006 show at the Allen Room at Lincoln Center. Find more about this particular concert (including full audio!) at the show's page.