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June 2013 News Archive (older news link at bottom of page)
June 28, 2022
NPR Studio 360 Session
Hem visited NPR's Studio 360 at New York's WNYC earlier this month, and their interview and performance is now available. In the session, Sally and Dan talk about Hem's musical influences, the band's long hiatus between albums ("precarious time" is apt, I say as someone who was on speaking terms with everybody), and Departure And Farewell. The whole band performs "Tourniquet," "Walking Past The Graveyard, Not Breathing," and "So Long." Below is a video of the "Walking Past..." performance. You can find a permanent link to this radio session at the interview archive.
June 27, 2022
New Tour Dates
Congratulations, Los Angeles and San Francisco! You are the newest cities with Hem tour dates! Tickets to see Hem on September 14 at The Troubadour in Los Angeles go on sale at 1pm on June 28. Tickets to see Hem on September 15 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco go on sale at 10am on June 30. Yay! You can find more details about these shows on the tour page.
June 16, 2022
Philadelphia & Alexandria Show Photos
More pictures have been added for Hem's shows on June 13 in Philadelphia and on June 14 in Alexandria. Some photos in each set are also of opener Little Silver. You can find permanent links to these pictures at the tour pictures archive and the 2013 tour page.
NPR Tiny Desk Concert
Hem played a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR this week (yay!). Their session isn't online yet (boo!), but you can click here or on the little image to the left to see a picture of the band performing while crammed around a tiny desk.
Brooklyn Show Photo
Click here or on the little image to the left to see a sweet soundcheck picture from Hem's March 15 show in Brooklyn, with thanks to Dawn Landes (who opened that show).
2005 London Show Video
Now for a really old show update: It looks like this video of Hem performing "Carry Me Home" at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on February 25, 2022 got lost from the show's page at some point. So here it is again! Revisit it or see it for the first time (and go buy tickets for Hem's upcoming show in London).
June 15, 2022
Philadelphia & Alexandria Setlists
The setlists (as in, pictures of the literal setlists) from both Hem's shows this week have been added to the 2013 tour archive. They are for June 13 in Philadelphia and June 14 in Alexandria. (Thank you, Dan!) Lucky cities, both getting the "Night Like A River" oldie, with Alexandria also getting the oldie "Waltz." More pictures from these shows are coming soon. If you have photos or videos from any of Hem's Spring shows, let me know!
June 13, 2022
Washington Times Article
Today's Washington Times has a nice long article about Hem that's largely an interview with Dan about Departure And Farewell, future Hem albums, and how Hem speaks of and to the past. Read it to find out what made Dan say, "The project was always founded on that, and if we do less than that, itís not being true to what Hem is." You can find a permanent link to this article at the interview archive.
June 6, 2022
Photo Gallery
Two new photos have been added to the Departure And Farewell gallery of band photos. The new pictures are the last two (direct links here and here). They're from the two Departure And Farewell podcasts shared last month, which you've surely listened to by now. If not, shame, shame. Scroll down to the May 26 news update for the podcasts.
June 2, 2022
June 1 Cambridge Show
Click here or on the little picture to the left to see the setlist and some pictures from Hem's show yesterday in Cambridge, MA. It was so good, probably the best overall show I've seen on the Departure And Farewell tour. Of course that means my camera malfunctioned, and all my photos are oversaturated and bad. (I put the best of the lot here anyway because you can at least tell it's Hem and opener Dawn Landes. I also have a few not-my-camera ticket and setlist pictures. Thanks, Dan!) If you have any pictures or video, please contact me! Some random notes from the show are below. You can find a permanent link to the setlist and pictures at the tour photos archive and the 2013 tour archive.
1. Up front, I have to thank Hem and Dawn for letting me, my friend, and my friend's young daughter come to each of their soundchecks. Everyone was so fantastic with us for all the time we saw them, and they took soundcheck requests with good cheer (Traveler's Song! Pacific Street! Kids In A Play!) even as they had many other songs to check one or more times. None of that is surprising from Hem or from Dawn, but it bears saying anyway. We love you, Hem and Dawn!
2. "All That I'm Good For" and "Valentine's Day" made their return from years-long hiatus at this show.
3. New tour posters made their debut at this show. They kind of look like this, as opposed to the posters at Hem's store here (that poster looks brighter and clearer in real life than in the store image). You can see the new poster in the pictures from this show.
4. Hem is visiting England in October, but they're also planning at least one show then in Ireland.
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