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March 2013 News Archive (Older news link at bottom of page)
March 31, 2022
More March 15 Brooklyn Show Photos
More pictures have been added to the archive for Hem's March 15, 2022 show in Brooklyn. Click on the little image to the left to start at the new photos, or click here for all the photos - the new ones are of Hem starting with the last photo in the 5th row. (Thanks, Keith!) You can find a permanent link to these and all other show photos at the tour pictures archive.
March 30, 2022
Album Podcasts
Back in 2006, Hem did a series of three podcasts for Funnel Cloud about inspirations for much of the album. The podcasts also shared some unreleased demo songs. The podcasts were free at iTunes for a time, but then they were gone. Now you can listen to them again, right here! Stream the podcasts below, or download all three podcasts. The podcasts are also on their very own podcasts page. Also, All About Hem's March Extravaganza of Hem News brings news that Departure And Farewell podcasts have been recorded and are coming soon. Yay!
Hem "Funnel Cloud" Podcast #1 by AllAboutHem
Hem "Funnel Cloud" Podcast #2 by AllAboutHem
Hem "Funnel Cloud" Podcast #3 by AllAboutHem
March 25, 2022
March Extravaganza of Hem News
Day 2 of All About Hem's March Extravaganza of Hem News brings news about videos. You've already seen the video for the new song "Tourniquet" (and if you have not, fix that immediately!), but Hem hopes to make more videos for other Departure and Farewell songs:
1. "Walking Past The Graveyard, Not Breathing" - a video featuring kids in a graveyard. That's maybe not MTV-style rock n roll, but it's Hem-style rock n roll.
2. "Things Are Not Perfect In Our Yard" - Have you always wanted to see Hem in a live demolition derby? Then this video set in a park is for you. Unless it's too logistically difficult, in which case it may be animated instead of live. If you're an expert on demolition derbying and/or filming demolition derbys, and you love Hem, the band wants to know you.
New Tour Date
Congratulations, Alexandria, VA! You are the newest city to get a tour date from Hem. See them at The Birchmere on June 14. More details about this show will later be at tour page.
March 23, 2022
March Extravaganza of Hem News
Today begins All About Hem's March Extravaganza of Hem News! This week I spent a delightful day with out-of-town visitor and Hem's man-of-all-trades Gary Maurer. He shared a bunch of Hem news that I will spill here over the coming days. Today's Extravaganza relates to live shows:
1. More US shows are in the process of being scheduled and should be announced relatively soon. They're concentrated along the west coast and east coast (but not in any cities already with tour dates) and should be sometime April-June.
2. The band is really trying to settle on dates for some shows overseas, so watch out, UK (and hopefully Ireland too).
3. Hopefully within the coming weeks there will be at least one special live session in New York City to be recorded for release later this year. (Let me know the second this is scheduled, Hem!) Hem has never officially released a live album, just some live tracks on No Word From Tom, so this would fill a sad void since Hem is so great live.
More Brooklyn Show Photos
A few more photos have been added to the March 15, 2022 show archive. The new photos are the first picture in the second row (of opener Dawn Landes), the third picture in the 5th row (of Hem), and the last picture (of a ticket). Keep the show tidbits coming by email or Twitter!
Departure and Farewell Pre-Order
Some people have been asking about where to pre-order Departure and Farewell. The album is available for pre-order at iTunes (mp3), Amazon (CD and mp3), Best Buy (CD), local record shops like Newbury Comics (CD), and surely other retailers too. Don't miss the album's release on April 2!
March 19, 2022
Another March 15 Brooklyn Show Photo
Click here or on the little image to the left to see a new picture from Hem's show in Brooklyn on March 15, 2013. (Thanks, John!) The full set of photos is here. Also, if you missed it before on the March 15 show archive page (because I forgot to mention it), there's a link to a short video of Hem performing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (Rolling Stones cover).
Departure And Farewell Promo CD
The discography page has been updated to include the promotional CD for Departure And Farewell. It has the same songs as the regular release (out April 2!) but has different artwork.
March 17, 2022
See the March 15 Brooklyn Show
Click here or on the little image to the left to see a bunch of pictures from Hem's show in Brooklyn on March 15, 2013, as well as to see an updated setlist with the songs now listed in the order played. The full Hem crew was all on stage, but only the folks right up front were ever very well lit. So sorry to Bob, Dan, George, and Mark for the photos making them look like they were absent. The photo collection also includes some pictures of last-minute opener Dawn Landes, who was fantastic, as well as pictures of new Hem goodies for sale. Departure And Farewell was not yet available, but there were new posters, t-shirts, and tote bags. These, and many other, concert pictures are at the tour photos archive.
Hear the March 15 Brooklyn Show
The next best thing to being at Friday's Hem show is hearing the show. And now you can! Visit to listen to and download the show for your listening enjoyment. (Thanks, Keith!) There are other live Hem shows at here. This show is also now listed in the audio recording archive should you want to see what else is out there or want to send in any missing audio treasure troves.
March 16, 2022
Hem's Show in Brooklyn
Hem's return to the headlining stage in Brooklyn last night was SO GOOD. It was a joyous atmosphere the whole show long (even during the numerous songs about death) and was one of the best overall Hem shows (even with some baubles of words and music). And it was long too - 24 songs. I forgot to get a setlist after the show (sorry!), but you can find the songs played here. The setlist with all songs in order will be here soon along with photos and audio. If you were there and have any photos, video, or anything else you'd like to share, let me know! In the meantime, you can make sure you don't miss Hem at any of their upcoming shows.
March 11, 2022
Clips of Departure and Farewell Songs
Head over to Amazon to stream clips of every Departure and Farewell song! Make sure you make it down to "Last Call" (even though the clip doesn't reach my favorite parts of the song). The album is also available for pre-order on CD at Amazon and will surely be available elsewhere at some point.
Departure and Farewell Lyrics
Newly added to the site is a Departure and Farewell lyrics page that includes lyrics for all songs released so far in some form or another. You'll find the rest of the lyrics here when the album's officially released.
March 8, 2022
Tour Dates
Tour dates for Hem, hot off the presses! Congratulations to Pittsburgh (April 17), Louisville (April 18), Chicago (April 19), Cincinnati (April 20), Ann Arbor (April 21), Annapolis (April 23), New York (May 4), and Cambridge, MA (June 1). Venues, tickets, and other details for these shows are on the tour page. Tickets just went on sale for Chicago and Ann Arbor. I imagine that more dates and cities will be announced soon.
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