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October 2012 News Archive (older news link at bottom of page)
October 4, 2021
Departure and Farewell Update
Departure and Farewell Update Mania Week concludes today with these fun facts:
1. Don't you wish that there would be an occasional gospel flair with the horns and electric guitar you have wanted in Hem's music since they were mentioned in the October 1 news update? Your wish may be granted! This album is surprising and awesome, you guys.
2. Along with the new album, a new website and new tour dates are in the works.
3. It's not Departure and Farewell related, but don't you want to know that Rabbit Songs may find its way to vinyl yet? I thought you wanted to know that.
October 2, 2021
Departure and Farewell Update
Departure and Farewell Update Mania Week continues today! Today's fun facts about the album brought to you as a result of my recent sneak preview:
1. Remember how I said before that there were so many songs in contention for inclusion on the new album that there might be two new releases? Still the plan!
2. January 2013 is also still the plan, but only for one of the releases. The other you may be able to start counting down in terms of weeks. Weeks!
October 1, 2021
September 28, 2021 Show Picture
Click here or on the little image to the left to see a picture from Hem's show last Friday, September 28, in Haines Falls, NY at the IVOH Annual World Summit. You only see three band members (Sally standing on stage, Steve sitting on stage, Dan at the piano in front of the stage) instead of four because Gary wasn't there.
Departure and Farewell Update Flash #2
Following up on the last news update's promise of more news about Departure and Farewell, here are today's fun facts from my recent preview listen of the new album. More fun facts coming all week!
1. The album has a big total of 14 songs, though it may end up with 13 before it's all said and done. All 14 are among the songs listed on the album page. The final track list will stay a mystery a little while longer!
2. Always wished Hem had more horns? More electric guitar? The album's got 'em. But don't worry, it also has plenty of acoustic guitar and sad violin. Very Rabbit Songs in that way.
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