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June - September 2012 News Archive (Older news link at bottom of page)
September 30, 2021
Departure and Farewell Update Flash #1
Hem's new album really does exist! I was very fortunate to recently hear a sneak preview of Departure and Farewell. I cannot wait for everybody to hear this lovely album full of surprises, harmonies, and horns. Seriously, it was a joy (balanced, of course, with Hem's traditional sorrow). More information about the new music will be here all week. For now, I am still collecting my thoughts!
September 28 Show
Hem played a show on September 28, 2021 in Haines Falls, NY. This was Hem's first show in nearly 5 years. It was a private show at the IVOH Annual World Summit for Images & Voices of Hope. Click here for the setlist. It's an incomplete setlist, but it does include three new, never-before-played songs, so you can see what you might be hearing soon (no, there are not new shows scheduled yet).
New Promo Photo
Click on the little image to the left to see a new promotional photo of the band that accompanies an old band bio at the IVOH website. I think this is from a photo shoot earlier this year that will see more play as Hem's new music starts being released. Soon, soon!
August 23, 2021
Upcoming Shows?
On the heels of the news that Hem finished tracking the new album, Hem now says "we're certifiably surveying show dates for the new year" (scroll down to see Hem's comment). All About Hem, and all of you, now clear the 2013 calendar to make sure time is free to attend shows.
August 21, 2021
New Album Progress
Today Hem shared a new picture at Facebook with the caption "Tomas, Joe and Jason tracking the *very last* track for the upcoming LP. We're done!! It's a wrap. Off to the mixing studio. And then off to you all. Your patience has been astounding, and appreciated :)" Go visit if you haven't already and tell Hem how much you love them and hope for new music soon(ish).
June 8, 2022
Dawn Landes album
Mal Habillée, a new album from Dawn Landes, is available now! Dawn is a sometimes-member of Hem, having providing backing vocals and her glockenspiel talents to Hem's albums Eveningland, Funnel Cloud, and No Word From Tom as well as having toured a lot with the band. Mal Habillée ("Badly Dressed") is a collection of 8 songs in French, which you can also get with a cool book (paper or ebook) of illustrations and translated lyrics. Watch a short video about the book below. Listen to and buy Mal Habillée the music and the book here or at music outlets like iTunes, and get a free download of the song "La Vie au Lasso" here. Go, now! I'll be here when you get back!
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