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February - April 2012 News Archive
April 28, 2022
2002 Dallas Show Download
There is a brand new Hem show for free streaming and download at Go get it! It is actually an old show from August 13, 2021 at Deep Ellum Live in Dallas, TX. This is one of Hem's first shows in the US from when they toured with Beth Orton. You can find the setlist here - it's mostly Rabbit Songs, with a little Eveningland (including the early version of "Carry Me Home") and No Word From Tom (with an assist from Beth Orton). Since Hem was the opening act, there is a bit of crowd chatter/noise, but it's a nice, clear recording. (Thanks, Stephan!) There are a number of other Hem shows at, and if you don't have those, now would be an excellent time to correct that grievous error.
April 19, 2022
Little Silver EP
Dress Up, a covers EP from Little Silver, is available now! Many Hem connections here: Little Silver is a duo including Steve Curtis of Hem (other duo half is Erika Simonian, Steve's wife), Dress Up was produced, recorded, and mixed by Gary Maurer of Hem, and the EP includes a cover of the Hem song "Dance With Me, Now Darling." The EP includes 4 other cover songs (Chris Whitley, The Cure, Sun Kil Moon, The Speedies) plus another take on the Little Silver song "Sleep til Morning." Listen to and buy Dress Up here. Go, now! I'll be here when you get back!
March 19, 2022
Reservoir Sheet Music
More free sheet music is up for grabs! Send an email to to receive sheet music for the song "Reservoir" (put the song name in the subject line). It's free (FREE!), and as always, Hem asked nicely. While you anxiously wait for a reply to your email, read some meanings behind the song here.
February 26, 2022
Departure and Farewell Update
If you had seen Hem's Steve Curtis play as part of Little Silver yesterday in Cambridge, MA, you would already know this Hem news, but I'm here for sharing (you're welcome). Departure and Farewell, Hem's upcoming album, is looking at an Autumn release. You may not have to wait even that long for new Hem songs, though, so stay tuned! One of the new songs you can look forward to hearing is "The Jackpine," (song #15 on the Departure and Farewell album page), which has been in Little Silver's repertoire for a while and is one of the songs the group played in Cambridge.
February 2, 2022
Reservoir Sheet Music
Next on tap in the 2012 Hem Sheet Music Freebie Extravaganza is "Reservoir," from the album Funnel Cloud. See Hem's announcement here on Facebook (scroll down a few dozen comments for Hem's comment about the winning song). The sheet music for the songs "Half Acre," "Identical Snowflakes," and "Eveningland" has already been made available this year by emailing (put the name of the song you want in the subject line). When the sheet music for "Reservoir" is available, the news will be here and also probably at Hem's Facebook page. While you wait, read up about the song's meanings here.
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