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October-December 2011 News Archive
December 29, 2021
Identical Snowflakes Sheet Music
Email Hem at to receive free sheet music for the new holiday song "Identical Snowflakes." You know you want to, and Hem asked nicely. Lyrics to the song are here, and more information about the song is here.
December 16, 2021
Departure and Farewell
I've been saying that Hem's new album, Departure and Farewell, was coming in 2012. Now Nettwerk is saying it too. That blurb also mentions that "Identical Snowflakes," Hem's holiday song released last week, will be one of the tracks on the album. You can find much more detail about song possibilities for the new album on its discography page.
December 12, 2021
Identical Snowflakes
Click here for the lyrics to Hem's new song "Identical Snowflakes." Remember how I said back in April that this song is so sweet you would have to like it? No lie. The line "this cumulus has no room for us," in particular, never gets old. Don't forget to check out Hem's previously released holiday songs: the classic song "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and the Hem original "Peace At Last," which are both available on the Peace At Last EP. (Both songs were or are available a bunch of other places, but it's easiest to just mention the EP. If you want to find out about the various releases, visit the discography page.) "Identical Snowflakes" has its own brand new entry in the discography archive.
Mailing List
If you're not on Hem's official mailing list, fix that right now by entering your email address below. Otherwise, you will miss things like the message the band sent out today that, among other things, said "We'll have much more to share in 2012 - a couple of new records, new videos, new website." A couple. The message also said "check in with All About Hem," and that's also very important, in this website's biased opinion.
December 7, 2021
Identical Snowflakes + No Word From Tom
Put on your happy face: new Hem music is available! The holiday song "Identical Snowflakes" is yours at places like iTunes and Amazon. Click the little picture to the left to see a bigger version of the single's heart-shaped snowflake image. Go, buy, listen! We will be here when you get back! And when you do get back, make sure to watch the behind the scenes video below of Hem working in the studio on the song "No Word From Tom," a song from the upcoming album Departure and Farewell.
November 26, 2021
Random Discography Updates
The discography page has a couple new updates about old discs. First is an addition to the Eveningland Bonus Songs page of a CD version of the otherwise download-only bonus songs. The CD was only available at one record store (Laser's Edge in Birmingham, AL) when Eveningland was released. (Thanks, Greg!) Second is the compilation album Road Trip: American Singer Songwriters from 2008. That album includes Hem's song "An Easy One," which you can also find on Hem's album Eveningland. This news update clearly calls for a gratuitous sharing of Hem performing "An Easy One" at this show in New York.
November 16, 2021
New Song Coming Soon
Quick tease of an update: a new Hem song should be available later this month along with a video of some sort (Tweet & Facebook). My guess is the sweet holiday tune "Identical Snowflakes." Stay tuned!
October 10, 2021
Official Site
Hello to visitors arriving from Hem's Official Site! That site is undergoing reconstruction right now but should be back in more developed form when Hem's new album is released. All is not lost - you will find plenty of news here.
Departure and Farewell Lyrics Round-up
The lyrics-posting frenzy at Hem's Facebook seems to be over, so here is a round-up of all the songs that had some lyrics shared. You can find links to all the snippets of lyrics, plus much more information about these and other songs on the Departure and Farewell album page. Songs with revealed lovely words:
Departure and Farewell
Gently Down The Stream
Identical Snowflakes
The Jackpine
Last Call
No Word From Tom
The Seed
Seven Angels
So Long
Things Are Not Perfect In Our Yard
The Tides at the Narrows
Traveler's Song
Walking Past The Graveyard, Not Breathing
The World Is Outside
You Can't Always Get What You Want
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