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November 25, 2021
Merry Happy Christmas
The download-only album Merry Happy Christmas is now available for your listening enjoyment from online retailers like (which lets you download two songs for free). Hem's holiday song "Peace At Last" is included on the compiliation, and you know you want it. Unless you already have it from the Peace At Last EP or the holiday card, in which case you know you want to listen to it again right now.
November 21, 2021
Washington Times Article
Click here to read an article in today's Washington Times about the carnival-themed Liberty Mutual television commercial using Hem's new song "Better Days" and the overall awesomeness of Hem. As a bonus, the article is written by Mary Chapin Carpenter, who knows a thing or two about musical awesomeness having made some lovely music herself. As a super bonus, the article has a little music player where you can hear a sample of "Better Days" more clearly than you can hear it in the ad. I don't think it's the final version of the song, though, because it still has the da-da-da-da-da-dum bars of the song "Half Acre" at the end (as has become a constant in the Hem-backed Liberty Mutual ads). Go, read, listen!
November 1, 2021
Merry Happy Christmas
Hem's holiday song "Peace At Last" will be available in a new way again this year. Merry Happy Christmas is a compilation album that will be available November 25, 2008. The full song lineup is on the discography page, and details on where you can get the album will (hopefully) be here before its release. For those of you ready to celebrate the holidays now, "Peace At Last" is available on the Peace At Last EP and via holiday card.
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