June-October 2008 News Archive
October 11, 2021
Hem on TV (sort of)
Listen for Hem's song "We'll Meet Along The Way" in tomorrow's episode of the HBO show True Blood. The "Cold Ground" episode first airs October 12, but it repeats throughout the week. (Thanks, Nettwerk!)
October 1, 2021
New Album Update
Look for a new album from Hem in early 2009. Hooray! Current details are on the new album page with new information added as it emerges. Stay tuned! (Thanks, blog!)
September 16, 2021
Just a new picture
On July 1, 2022 Hem played a show in Freehold, NJ as part of a series called Concerts in the Studio. The "studio" would be a photography studio, and you can click here to see a nice, new picture of the band from the photo session before their concert. You can also click here for more about that concert, including the setlist and pictures, including the one previewed to the left that shows Hem at the photo shoot that resulted in this nice, new picture. (Thanks, Lou! And thanks again to the missed Maury.)
August 18, 2021
More About the New Liberty Mutual Commercial
The lovely song in the new Liberty Mutual TV ad set at a carnival is called "Better Days." It is not yet available on an album or elsewhere. Hem is still working on the full, final version of the song. When more information is available about it and/or the new album the song might be on, you'll find the news here!
August 10, 2021
New Song + Liberty Mutual Commercial
Watch a new commercial set to a new Hem song! It's another Liberty Mutual insurance TV commercial, this time a carnival themed ad. Once I have more details about the song to share, it'll be here in the news.
June 29, 2022
Long Time No News
Checking in to say that I have not been neglecting the site. There simply has not been much Hem news since the band has been in the studio working on new songs. I've been updating the new album page with info as it becomes available, but there's still not much there. Stay tuned!
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