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January 27, 2022
Discography Update
Two new additions are on the discography page. First is a promotional CD for the album No Word From Tom. Second is a cover picture for a Reel to Reel Christmas compilation including Hem's take on "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." It's a very bad picture, but bad is better than nothing. You can find more details about each of the CDs on the discography page.
January 11, 2022
All About Me
Today is All About Hem's 4th birthday. Thanks to everyone for visting the site and for sending me emails of news and encouragement, all of which added up to another great year! As always, the grandest and warmest thanks go to Dan, Gary, Sally, Steve, and the rest of the Hem crew for making wonderful music and for being the generous, creative, supportive, and amusing people they are who make me smile every day.
January 3, 2022
February 9, 2022 New York Show
Click here to get a remastered version of Hem's fantastic, orchestra-assisted February 9, 2022 Lincoln Center show. It's one of the best Hem shows ever! You can see the setlist and more about the show by clicking on the little picture to the left. (Thanks, Keith!)
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