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September 28, 2021
Discography Updates
The discography page has five new entries, though none of the discs are brand new.

1. EU edition of the album No Word From Tom
2. Waveland/Bar None promo CD for "Half Acre"
3. Summer Line 2007 compilation from Anthropologie stores
4. Filter Magazine Fall 2006 compilation
5. Elvis Costello promo CD including Hem's take on "Red Shoes"
September 12, 2021
Minnesota Public Radio
Click here to listen to a Minnesota Public Radio interview with Sally where she talks about motherhood and being in a band. The show is from May 18, 2007, but I just learned about it. You can find a permanent link to this radio spot at the interview archive. Last month I updated all the links at that archive (including sad deletion of interviews that don't seem to be online anymore), but if you find any broken links there or elsewhere, let me know.
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