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August 28, 2021
Wedding Daze Soundtrack
The Wedding Daze movie soundtrack, including Hem's song "The Fire Thief" is available through UK iTunes now. It should be available elsewhere soon(ish), so stay tuned. It's about time that Hem finally showed up on a movie soundtrack!
KCRW Flashback
Today's news update seemed awfully small, so I looked at ye olde Hem archives for some inspiration. I actually found something interesting: today marks 5 years since Hem visited KCRW's radio program Morning Becomes Eclectic. Visit KCRW's website for audio and video of Hem's performance, and click here for the setlist. It's great, from the set starting with a lullaby segueing into "When I Was Drinking," to the telling of how Hem formed, to jumbled lyrics (in "Half Acre" of all songs!), and to the big touring band (which now sometimes includes the clarinet and glockenspiel Dan wished for during this show's interview segment).
August 21, 2021
New Email Address
You can now reach me at I'm in the process of changing all the contact links throughout this site, so you still may find links to the old address in many, many places. That old address still works, and will for at least another month or two, but please start using the new address to send me news and lavish gifts and such.
Wedding Daze Soundtrack
Hem's song "The Fire Thief" is on the Wedding Daze soundtrack, in stores today. You can click on the little image here for a better view of the cover, or you can check it out through the discography page. I haven't seen the movie, but presumably you can hear the song in it somewhere. Edited August 22: Looks like the movie and soundtrack got pushed back. Release details TBA.
Peace At Last
Christmas in August, anyone? A nice reader let me know that Hem's song "Peace At Last" was missing from the discography page. Oops! It's there now, along with a link to the free download, which is the only place you can get the song.
June 26, 2022 Boston Show
In other news tragically revealing that I am not perfect, I didn't mention here in the news a Paste blog entry by Jay Sweet with words about and photos from Hem's first Boston Symphony Hall show and its after party. A link to it has been on the show's setlist and picture page for a little while.
August 14, 2021
Paste Magazine Article
The September 2007 issue of Paste includes a half page article about Hem's fantastic show with the Boston Pops on June 26, 2007. Paste sponsored a cool after party this first of Hem's two nights at Symphony Hall, and the article is about the show and the party. Included are a few pictures from the party and a slightly larger version of the concert picture to the left. The magazine is or will soon be on newstands. The article isn't at Paste's website, but if and when it is, you'll find it mentioned here in the news. In the meantime, you can see the setlist and a bunch of other pictures from this show in the tour archive.
August 13, 2021
New Tour Date
Get ready, New York! Hem is playing at the Highline Ballroom on November 3. Tickets are on sale now. Full show details are on the tour page. Maybe I'll see you there!
August 9, 2022
For The Kids Three CD
New song alert! Hem contributes a tune called "No Hiding" to the compilation For The Kids 3. (Edited 8-10-07: The song is actually called "No Hiding Place.") It's part of a series of albums of children's songs that raises money for charity. The CD will be released October 2, 2007, and you can be sure that I'll post a reminder then. For now, you can find the full track listing at Billboard and see the cover image by clicking on the preview to the left or by visiting the discography page.
August 8, 2022
Home Again, Home Again Celebration Day
The CD for Hem's new EP Home Again, Home Again is available now! You can order it online at CD Baby and Amazon. It will also be available shortly at Hem's store and Nettwerk's store. You can preview certain songs through an interactive player or all songs through CD Baby. The EP cover is to the left (click for a larger version). This picture differs from the light blue first version, which is only for EP online downloads. Those downloads are still available, by the way, at places like iTunes, Nettwerk's store (where you have the option to get high quality FLAC files), and eMusic. You can find full details about the EP on the discography page. (Thanks to Rachel at Nettwerk for her help!)
August 1, 2022
July 1 Freehold, NJ Show
Click the small preview to the left to see a bunch of very excellent new photos from Hem's intimate concert on July 1, 2022 in Freehold, NJ (Thanks, Maury!). The new pictures start with the fourth one in the first row, or you can just click here to jump to the first new photo in the collection. You can find permanent links to these pictures at the concert photos archive and the 2007 tour archive.
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