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May 30, 2022
Home Again, Home Again Release Date and Preview
Finally! Hem's new 6-song EP Home Again, Home Again will be available on iTunes starting June 5 and at other online download sites starting June 12. There will also be some real life copies available soon. Click here for song samples on an interactive player thanks to Hem and the nice folks at Nettwerk. You can hear 1 minute clips of "The Part Where You Let Go," "While My Hand Was Letting Go," and "Home Again." You can't hear why there's a ship on the EP cover, but I am confident that the sea will show up in a song somewhere!
May 23, 2022
Home Again, Home Again
We have an album cover! Click on the small image to the left to see a larger version of the cover art for the upcoming EP Home Again, Home Again. And no, I still don't know when you can get the EP. But yes, I do know that the ship means this EP will show that Hem is not yet done writing songs that talk about the sea.
May 18, 2022
New Tour Date
Hem will be in Freehold, NJ on July 1, 2022 for a Concerts in the Studio show. More details about the show (which seems like a one-off, not part of a tour) can be found on the tour page.
Home Again, Home Again
The full track listing for Hem's upcoming EP called Home Again, Home Again is now on the discography page. The EP has 6 songs, including the 3 previously listed here as EP contenders:

1. The Part Where You Let Go
2. Half Asleep
3. While My Hand Was Letting Go
4. The Meeting Place
5. Home Again, Home Again
6. Half Acre

Believe me, whether you already have "Half Acre" or not (though you should already have it on Rabbit Songs or Birds, Beasts, and Flowers because it is awesome), you definitely want to get this EP to hear the wonderful new songs. I don't know the EP's release date yet, but you should be able to get it online soon. Keep checking back here!
May 16, 2022
Hear Hem on The Real World
Listen for Hem's song "We'll Meet Along The Way" in tonight's finale of MTV's Real World, Denver edition. It airs at 10:00pm EST and should reair a bunch of times this week. Finally, my love of reality TV and my love of Hem are together at last.
May 11, 2022
A New (Yet Old) Interview
Check out a band interview at I say "band," but it's really just Dan talking a lot about writing songs, forming the band, sharing mp3s (um, when the links aren't broken like they mostly are right now), and the eight lives of Rabbit Songs (more info about that on the discography page). It's an old-ish interview from October 2006, soon after the release of Funnel Cloud. It was new to me when I recently found it, so maybe it will be for some of you too. You can find a permanent link to this article at the interview archive.
May 8, 2022
Home Again, Home Again
Hem confirmed Home Again, Home Again as the the name of their new, soon-to-be-available EP. (It was originally going to be called Unlucky.) If you can't wait to hear something from it, and of course you can't, you can stream the song "The Part Where You Let Go" on Hem's MySpace page or you can download read about it thanks to the folks at Hill, Holliday, the advertising company responsible for the Liberty Mutual commercials that use Hem's songs "The Part Where You Let Go" and "Half Acre." (Edited 5/9/07: the download link has mysteriously disappeared, but now you know you should obsessively check this site for news before it's old news!)
May 5, 2022
New Liberty Mutual Commercial
You can see the new Liberty Mutual TV commercial featuring the totally beautiful "The Part Where You Let Go" at Liberty Mutual's site. The "Half Acre" spot from last year isn't there anymore, but there are 3 versions of the new ad, with different edits of Hem's song. Check the May 1 news update to see a list of when this new commercial airs in US prime time this month. And for everybody who has asked, no, I do not know when the new EP including "The Part Where You Let Go" will be released, but I bet the wait won't be too long. Stay tuned!
Reel To Reel
A compilation CD from earlier this year called Reel To Reel is now on the discography page. It's a promotional CD of cover songs performed by Nettwerk artists. Hem contributes REM's "South Central Rain" and Fountain of Wayne's "Radiation Vibe" (both songs from Hem's album No Word From Tom). You can click on the small cover image to see a larger version.
May 2, 2022
The Part Where You Let Go
Visit Hem's MySpace page to hear the new song "The Part Where You Let Go." It's newly one of the choices in the music player at the top of the page. I can't hear the song because MySpace hates me, but I'm sure it's nice (the song, not MySpace, which hates me almost as much as I hate its music player). FYI, this is the song in the new Libarty Mutual TV commercial and a tune that should be on Hem's upcoming EP.
The New EP
I revised the discography page yet again for the new EP. Looks like the title may now be Home Again, Home Again instead of Unlucky. Hem's MySpace page shows the design on the left (click it to see the expanded full version) when you play "The Part Where You Let Go," so maybe that will be used for the new EP. It's one of the winners in last Fall's design a Hem t-shirt contest. You may still be able to get one of those shirts at Hem's store.
May 1, 2022
New Album Update
The discography page has a little bit of new information about Hem's upcoming EP. Another song, called "The Meeting Place," is listed for possible inclusion. I also added more uncertainty about the title Unlucky because it read like that was a final decision, but maybe the band will find a four leaf clover or something before settling on a name.
New Liberty Mutual Commercial
The new television commercial using Hem's music and discussed in yesterday's news should be on TV a lot this month. Looks like I won't be able to fast forward through commercials for a little while. Click here to see ad air times (click again to hide the list). Thanks to Hem for sharing this news with me (and you).
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