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April 30, 2022
New Liberty Mutual Commercial
I think a new Liberty Mutual television commercial featuring a Hem song starts airing in the US today. Watch for it! Another Liberty Mutual ad using the song "Half Acre" began airing last June (you can see the pay-it-forward themed ad at Liberty Mutual or at YouTube). This new ad uses a new Hem song called "The Part Where You Let Go." If you see the commercial or find it online, click on the Contact button and let me know! I'll add more details here in the news when/if I learn any.
April 27, 2022
WRRW Radio Show
Hem hosted the April 21, 2022 edition of Revolutionary Radio at WRRW, recorded the day after their April 14 show in Norfolk, VA. It's an hour long program where the band talks about their music, plays 5 songs live in studio, and spins some tracks from their albums. The setlist is here, and you can download the whole show at WRRW's website. (If you have trouble finding the download, here's a direct link.) You can find a permanent link to this radio show at the interview archive.
April 17, 2022
New Hem Album
Good news I don't think you'll find anywhere else: The discography page has a new entry for Hem's next album/EP called Unlucky. There's not much information there yet, but more will be added as it becomes available.
Funnel Cloud Download
Starting on Wednesday, April 18 Hem's album Funnel Cloud will be available for download at the music site AmieStreet.com. You can learn more about AmieStreet at their website, but in general, AmieStreet offers DRM-free music and has a unique pricing structure where all the songs start out free and change price (never above 98 cents) in response to song popularity. If you don't already have the album for some tragic reason, now would be a good time to get it!
April 16, 2022
April 14 Norfolk Show
The 2007 tour archive now includes the 21 song setlist from Hem's show last Saturday at the Attucks Theatre in Norfolk, VA. (Thank you, Gary!)
April 15, 2022
Two News Articles
Here are a couple more articles written in anticipation of Hem's show yesterday in Norfolk, VA. (Were you there? Have info like setlist or photos? Let me know!) You can find permanent links to these articles at the interview archive.

Article #1: Sally talks in an April 12 HamptonRoads.com article about motherhood and upcoming band projects (mostly all previously mentioned here).

Article #2: An April 13 Daily Press article including a collection of culled quotes from the band as well as a mention of this website, which of course makes this article an All About Hem favorite.
April 10, 2022
Port Folio Weekly Article
In anticipation of Hem's April 14 show in Norfolk, VA, today the periodical Port Folio Weekly has an article about Hem. It's a nice long piece including words from Dan and Sally about everything from forming the band to making each album to Mary Poppins. (The best and funniest part, however, may be where Steve is deemed too sunny to write songs with Dan and Gary.) You can find a permanent link to this article at the interview archive.
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