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March 17, 2022
Studio News
Curious what Hem has been up to lately? I'm happy to report that the band has been in the studio working on some new songs. These are Hem original tunes, including one called "Half Asleep," the title of which may or may not reflect the band's busy state in the studio. I don't know when the new material will find its way to a CD near you, but songs are being recorded and getting ready for our ears. Don't say you never heard any good news here!
March 4, 2022
The Artists Den CD
The discography page includes a new entry for Hudson St. Recordings, volume 3 in a series of live performances presented by The Artists Den. The album's last track is Hem playing "Half Acre" at their August 15, 2021 show in New York. You can buy the CD or download it from iTunes. It's a good compilation that in addition to Hem includes tracks from Regina Spektor, Joseph Arthur, Shawn Colvin, Martha Wainwright, and more (which you can see here via the discography page). Thanks to Steve for hooking me up with the CD!
March 3, 2022
July 16, 2022 Carrboro, NC Show
The 2003 tour archive now includes the setlist for Hem's 7.16.03 show supporting Vic Chesnutt in Carrboro, NC (thanks, Anson!). It was a really long opening set! A quite clear recording of this show is also new to my trading page. I normally don't mention updates to that page here in the news since they usually don't result in other updates (like a new setlist) to the site, but for anyone interested in live show recordings, feel free to check that page every so often and contact me with any questions, comments, or additions.
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