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July 25, 2022
June 6, 2022 Asheville Show
The 2006 tour archive now includes the complete setlist for Hem's June 6 show in Asheville, NC. Among the usual song suspects, at this show Hem played a cover of Cole Porter's "Don't Fence Me In" and a fairly rare live rendition of "Leave Me Here." (Despite what Dan said at the show, Hem has played "A-Hunting We Will Go" a number of times in the past year, most notably at the glorious Lincoln Center show. Don't mess with my archival memory!) If reading the setlist isn't enough for you, go sign up on the vine at Over The Rhine's message board so you can get a DVD copy of the show (both Hem and Over The Rhine's sets).
Meanings Update
The first entry for "A-Hunting We Will Go" is now on the meanings page thanks to the Asheville show. Click here to jump directly to the new entry.
July 22, 2022
A New Home!
Welcome to All About Hem at its new address! The size of and interest in the site finally made it necessary for me to get my own corner of the web. I'm very happy to finally have an easy-to-remember address! All pages and links should work fine here, but if you notice anything that's not right, please click the Contact button and let me know. (I already know that some links on the concert photo pages go to the old address, but I'll fix that soon...I hope. Update: Concert picture pages fixed!) Many thanks to Geof without whom the transition to this new site wouldn't have been possible, at least not nearly this nicely or easily.
Even though all content will stay as it exists now at the old address, that's mostly to help people navigate here, and nothing there will be updated past today. Remember to change your bookmarks and website links to AllAboutHem.com!
Lyrics Update
The lyrics page now includes words for Funnel Cloud's first single "Not California." Remember that you can download the song now on the compilations Penny Candy and Indoor Picnic Music or stream it for free at NPR's All Songs Considered.
July 19, 2022
Funnel Cloud Promotional Goodness
Yesterday I mentioned how great it would be to see a bigger version of a new stylized promotional band picture, and today there's not only just that but another brand new picture too! (Next I'd like a pony! No, a horsey! And a Funnel Cloud! But not a horsey in a funnel cloud.) Check out both new photos here, or click on the image to the left to see that one.
Also visit Hem's Nettwerk bio page to read a new interview with Steve, Sally, Gary, and Dan where they all have interesting, eloquent words to say about their newest album Funnel Cloud. You can find a permanent link to this press release style interview at the articles archive.
July 18, 2022
Billboard Article
Today's Billboard magazine includes a great new article about Hem's upcoming album Funnel Cloud. Both Dan and Sally talk about inspirations good and bad behind the album, and it's an interesting read. Maybe even more interesting is the new stylized band photo with the article (which could only be improved by being larger!) or perhaps the news that Hem will tour again in September and October with quite the collection of musicians (8-14 people as opposed to their usual 4-9). You can find a permanent link to the article at the articles archive. Hopefully this marks the start of the Funnel Cloud press barrage!
Meanings Update
Some information from the Billboard article is now on the meanings page about the Funnel Cloud album title. Click here to jump directly to the new entry.
July 14, 2022
New July Tour Date
Good news for Canadian fans: Hem is finally coming to visit on July 30, 2022 in Guleph, Ontario. Bad news for Canadian fans: Passes are already sold out for Sunday, the day Hem is playing at the Hillside Community Festival. Hopefully some fans will be able to be there and cheer on Hem while they no doubt play some new and some old songs! Find all the show details on the tour page.
July 11, 2022
Brooklyn Rail Article
Visit the July/August 2006 issue of The Brooklyn Rail from Hem's hometown to read an article called "Burned-Out Factories, Hem, and The Brooklyn Pastoral." Any article that makes reference to "The Beautiful Sea" in its title automatically gets kudos, but the whole piece is an interesting discussion about the band and the city. Hem has often talked about how they couldn't imagine having found each other and made music anywhere other than Brooklyn (like here and here), and maybe this article helps explain why.
Paste Magazine Article
Last May the news here mentioned Dan's contribution to Paste's June/July 2006 cover feature about the 100 best living songwriters. His laudatory words about Jimmy Webb, #60 on the list, are now available online and are also available through the articles archive.
July 9, 2022
Meanings Update
The meanings page now includes information about some songs on Hem's upcoming album Funnel Cloud (buy it September 5!). Normally I would wait to post upcoming song details until the album's released, but the band has already talked about these songs at shows and in interviews: Hotel Fire, Not California, Old Adam, The Pills Stopped Working, and Reservoir. You might notice that the meanings page has undergone a little reorganization and should hopefully be easier to navigate now with pages dedicated to each album.
MySpace Songs
Some people may be interested to know that Hem has recently changed the song playlist on their MySpace page to include "Half Acre" (on Rabbit Songs and currently being used in Liberty Mutual ads on TV) and "Not California" (from Funnel Cloud). Go have a listen!
May 5 New York Show
In the better late than never category is one song on the setlist for Hem's May 5 show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. It's archived at the 2006 tour archive.
July 1, 2022
Discography Update
The discography page includes a bit more information about two new compilation albums including Hem's new song "Not California." Along with its track number on both Penny Candy and Indoor Picnic Music (thanks, Barkley!), there's an audio ad for Indoor Picnic Music (thanks, Dan P!). At $3.99 each, the albums are a deal.
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