April 2006 News Archive (Older news link at bottom of page)
April 30, 2022
April 27 Philadelphia Show
Click on the small preview to the left to see a collection of photos from Hem's show a few days ago at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA. These pictures are really lovely and include nice, close shots of all 8 band members at the show, so do go take a look. A permanent link to these photos is at the tour pictures archive. (Thanks, Rob!)
April 29 Boston Show
The setlist from Hem's show last night in Boston is complete at the 2006 tour archive. Media from this show coming soon!
Discography Updates
Two additions to look for on the discography page: 1) Funnel Cloud's release date has been added as September 5, 2006, and 2) A new tour sampler CD is in the promotional section. During Hem's tour with Josh Ritter in April and May they've had a free promotional CD available to anyone who signs up for their mailing list at a show. The CD includes one song from each of their 4 full-length albums, including a live recording of "Reservoir," a song on their upcoming album. It's the same version as the one at their site now as a free download. Not on the discography page but also available at current shows is a new t-shirt design in yellow and white.
April 29, 2022
New Gallery Pictures
Visit the gallery page at Hem's site to see a collection of new photos. They're the first ones in the scrolling list of pictures. The tragic non-labeling of official site pictures continues, but presumably some are from a recent show and the last of the new photos are from this year's Funnel Cloud recording sessions. Nice!
April 27 Philadelphia Show
The setlist from Hem's show last week in Philadelphia is complete at the 2006 tour archive. Lucky Philly, getting the big 8-piece band for all those songs!
Around The Web
At iTunes you can peruse celebrity playlists, and Mandy Moore's list reveals that she likes Hem. "All That I'm Good For" is her third track, and her blurb about it is cute: "I love this band! I'm hoping to catch them live at some point. When I was writing with Rachael Yamagata for my album, she introduced me to their Rabbit Songs record and I had this song on repeat for about 2 weeks. I think the sentiment of this song is so sweet. I'd love for someone to feel this way about me...hehe."
April 26, 2022
Funnel Cloud Update
The discography page includes new info about Hem's upcoming album Funnel Cloud taken from today's band blog entry. One more song (The Burnt-Over District) is on the list of possible tracks, bringing the total to 14. That's how many songs might be on the album, but no word (from Tom or anybody) whether these 14 have all made the cut. Stay tuned!
April 20 Detroit Show
The setlist from Hem's show last week in Detroit has been updated with more songs at the 2006 tour archive.
April 24, 2022
Tour with Over The Rhine
Tentative no more! Check out details for all Hem's confirmed co-headlining tour dates with the band Over The Rhine on the tour page. These shows run between May 7 and June 15. Maybe I'll see you at one of them!
April 23, 2022
April 21 Chicago Show
Pictures from Hem's April 21 show in Chicago, IL are now available by clicking on the photo to the left. Also new is a partial setlist for the show. Permanent links to these show details are at the tour pictures archive and, once I move it there from the current tour page, the 2006 tour archive. (Thanks, Jen!)
April 22, 2022
Official Site Updates
Head over to Hem's website to get a live recording of "Reservoir," a wonderful song set for Hem's next studio album. This version of the song is from one of Hem's February 2006 shows. Really, go download it right now. I'll be here when you get back! You can find the song's lyrics here.
There's a new picture from Hem's truly lovely February 9, 2022 show at The Allen Room in New York on the gallery page. It's the first photo, the one in the top left corner of the scrolling list. FYI, there's another picture available here at the tour pictures archive.
April 20 Detroit Show
A partial setlist for Hem's April 20 show in Detroit, MI is now available through the tour page (and, once I move it there, the 2006 tour archive).
April 20, 2022
New Live Performance Online
Now available: Hem performing live, in-studio versions of "Rainy Night In Georgia," "Radiation Vibe," and "Half Acre" on the radio show Reg's Coffee House. Visit the show's home page and click on Hem's picture on the right under the "Studio Performances" banner.
More June Tour Dates
New June 2006 dates are on the tour page, this time for Bloomington, Atlanta, Asheville, and Philadelphia. As mentioned in the last news udpate, once these June shows are officially confirmed by the band I'll drop the 'tentative' labels.
In very tiny tour news, a partial setlist for Hem's April 19 show in Cleveland, OH is now available through the tour page.
April 17, 2022
June Tour Dates
The tour page includes info about new June 2006 shows in Nashville, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Boston, and New York. Once these shows (and I'm guessing more in the midwest, east, and south) are officially confirmed by the band I'll drop the 'tentative' labels.
Speaking of upcoming shows, Hem hits the road with Josh Ritter starting Wednesday, April 19. If you attend a show and have a setlist (partial or complete) and/or photos, email me. I'll dance a happy dance and add the info to the tour archive.
April 7, 2022
Win concert tickets!
Ever-delightful Nettwerk is giving away 3 pairs of tickets to see Josh Ritter and Hem at any one of their shows this month or next. To enter the contest, visit this page and fill out the form before May 1, 2006. Can't beat free, so go enter now!
Discography Updates
The discography page has two new entries. First, there's a bare bones entry for Hem's next album Funnel Cloud that lists all the info revealed to date. As the (hopeful) September 2006 release date approaches, more details will certainly be added there and announced here in the news. Second, new to the compilations section is a UK Hit Sheet 2004 promotional CD including Hem's song "Receiver."
June 2006 Tour
Looks like Hem's May 2006 tour with Over The Rhine in the western US may shift over to the midwest and east in June. The tour page has info so far for one tentative June date in Northampton, MA.
April 3, 2022
Radio Interview
Hem visited radio station WTMD in Towson, MD earlier this year, and you can listen to the March 20 broadcast of their performance and interview by visiting this page. It's an interesting spot, especially in the second half where they play one of their newest songs, "Old Adam," and they talk about influences and writing songs a little differently from other interviews. You can find a permanent link to this radio program at the interview archive.
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