March 2006 News Archive (Older news link at bottom of page)
March 27, 2022
West Coast May 2006 Tour Dates
Now that I've received official confirmation of them, the tour page includes dates and details for Hem's west coast tour this May with Over The Rhine. If any more shows are added, you'll find the news here!
2005 Tour Videos
Visit Bob Hoffnar's blog to see some videos he took during Hem's tour last year. They're in the latest entry, dated March 25, 2022. He doesn't just play pedal steel, he's a cameraman! Thanks, Bob!
March 23, 2022
Read This About West Coast Tour Dates!
All the May 2006 west coast dates have been removed from the tour page since I've learned that Hem isn't completely confirmed for any of those shows yet. Even if in some cases venues or schedules list Hem as playing with Over The Rhine, it's not 100% guaranteed at this point. Once it is, or even if the plans don't work out, the tour page will reflect that as will this news page. Sorry if anyone relied on the info previously posted and it turns out to not be right - I was going on the best available info from multiple sources, albeit none straight from the Hem camp (unlike now!).
Hem Articles
The newest issue of Paste Magazine (April/May 2006) includes a very short article about Hem. In it, Dan talks about the making of No Word From Tom. The article isn't online, but the magazine is available in stores now or will be soon. FYI, this issue also includes a long feature article about Josh Ritter, who Hem is opening for on tour in April and May.
The UK magazine Songbook has Hem on the cover of their current issue (#7, Summer 2006). I don't know what's inside since I haven't see the magazine in stores by me (in the US), and their website only seems to offer ordered issues to folks in the UK. If anybody across the pond can check out this magazine (or already has) and lets me know what's inside, I'll share the news here and you'll rack up some Good Samaritan points.
March 21, 2022
West Coast Tour
Washington gets some love! Hem visits Seattle on May 7 at Neumos. Check the tour page for details about the show with Over The Rhine. Tickets go on sale March 31.
Lyrics Update
The lyrics page now includes lyrics to early versions of the Eveningland songs A-Hunting We Will Go and The Fire Thief. The latter has more noticable changes with its second verse almost entirely different from the eventual recorded song.
March 20, 2022
Another California Show in May
Fans can see Hem in the Sacramento area for the first time at the Underground Cafe in Roseville, CA on May 12. Check the tour page for details about the show with Over The Rhine.
March 14, 2022
Nashville 2/16/06 Pictures
Click on the picture to the left for a couple new pictures from Hem's February 16, 2022 show in Nashville, TN. (Thanks, Tim!) You can find permanent links to these photos at the tour pictures archive and 2006 tour archive.
Tour Updates Past & Future
Eugene, OR is now a stop on Hem's May west/midwest tour with Over The Rhine. Check the tour page for details about the May 9 show at WOW Hall.
The 2006 tour archive newly includes (partial) setlists for 2/15 Louisville, KY, 2/16 Nashville, TN, and 2/18 Atlanta, GA. Poor Charlottesville, VA is now the cheese standing alone as the only February tour stop without any setlist info.
March 10, 2022
West Coast Tour
Portland, OR is the latest town for Hem's May west/midwest tour with Over The Rhine. Check the tour page for details about the May 8 show at the Wonder Ballroom.
All The Rage Interview
The articles archive includes a new link to a February 9, 2022 interview in the Nashville, TN publication All The Rage where Sally talks about the song "Radiation Vibe" on No Word From Tom and about recording Hem's next album, Funnel Cloud. FYI, the Rolling Stones-esque song she mentions is called "The Pills Stopped Working," but you're on your own for the health class story.
March 8, 2022
New York Magazine Interview
The March 13, 2022 issue of New York Magazine includes an interview with Dan and Sally where, in addition to the seemingly obligatory story of how Sally joined the band, they talk about Hem's sound and No Word From Tom. There's also a good-sized picture of the band from last year's series of New York photographs that cannot be used too many times. You can find a permanent link to the interview at the articles archive.
March 7, 2022
Pittsburgh 2/23 Show Download
Hem's February 23, 2022 performance at Mr. Small's in Millvale, PA is now available for download at It's a good quality recording featuring the band as a 4-piece (the smallest touring group) and including 4 new songs from Hem's forthcoming album Funnel Cloud. Hem very generously allows show downloads there, so please abide by all the rules of distribution and help keep shows available to everyone. A permanent link to the download is at the 2006 tour archive.
Tour Updates
Solana Beach, CA is the latest city for Hem's May west/midwest tour with Over The Rhine. Check the tour page for details about the May 16 show.
Finally, in years-old tour news, the 2002 tour archive and the 2003 tour archive respectively have complete, updated setlists and band lineups for Hem's London shows on February 12, 2022 and April 30, 2022. (These shows are also new on my trading page.)
March 2, 2022
West Coast Tour
San Francisco is the latest city for Hem's May west/midwest tour with Over The Rhine. Check the tour page for details about the May 11 show.
Feb. 25 and 28 Shows
The 2006 tour archive now includes a setlist for 2/28 Philadelphia and a review of the 2/25 Boston show in the Boston Globe. "With its multi-layered, embroidered takes on old-time mountain music ('A-Hunting We Will Go'), courtly countrypolitan ('Jackson'), and folk that flickered like dark jewels (the new 'Reservoir'), Hem evoked a kind of Americanized Fairport Convention, brimming with wonder and quiet mastery."
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