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July 17, 2022 -- Eveningland News
Here's the tracklist for Hem's second album.
1. The Fire Thief
2. Lucky
3. Receiver
4. Redwing
5. My Father's Waltz
6. Hollow
7. A-Hunting We Will Go
8. An Easy One
9. Strays
10. Cincinatti Traveler
11. Jackson
12. Dance With Me
13. The Beautiful Sea
14. Eveningland
15. Pacific Street
16. Carry Me Home
You may recognize "Jackson" from the EP I'm Talking With My Mouth and "The Beautiful Sea" and "Pacific Street" as songs available for download at the HEM Official Site ("Beautiful Sea" is still available on the MP3s page as of this update). Personally, I am most anxious to hear "Strays" because that song in particular struck me after hearing it live, and I definitely wished I had a copy of it to play over and over.
Sidenote: I go away for a few days, and exciting news breaks. It never fails. Sorry it took me a few days to put up this news!
July 8, 2022 -- Big Old update
The biggest and the best news first: Hem reports via their Official Site that recording on their second album "Eveningland" completed on June 30, that it will be mastered July 1, and that they're hoping for a fall release. Excellent news! A new website with new album artwork and presumably other goodies will launch soon. Also very excellent news!
Hem has a friend in the Chemical Brothers! In response to the question "Whatís your favorite thing youíre listening to at the moment?" Tom Rowlands says that a current favorite is Hem's "Rabbit Songs." You can access the entire interview here and stream the answer to this particular question in Real Audio here.
Gary Maurer (Hem's guitarist) was studio engineer for the album "This is Where We Live" by the band Paco. Paco includes Dominique Durand (of Ivy) Andy Chase (of Ivy and Brookville), and Michael Hampton. You can hear some songs by the band at Artist Direct.
Finally, in website news, I added a little info about "Horsey" to the Meanings section.
June 9, 2022 -- Show & Discography update
There's one show scheduled next month. It's on July 7 in New York at Madison Square Park. Showtimes are usually at 7pm. Try to check it out! Nothing much else to report right now, but I did add a new "Rabbit Songs" promo to the discography section.
May 21, 2022 -- Let's Help Get Hem Signed!
With their old record label, Dreamworks, sold and restructured, Hem is looking for a record label to release their newest recorded album "Eveningland." The terrific folks at Time Does the Talking at had an idea to campaign Patty Griffin's great record label ATO to sign Hem. Go to ATO's website, click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page and send them an email if you too want your voice to be heard. Also visit the Hem thread at Time Does the Talking (discussion of this campaign begins about halfway down the second page) and the campaign thread at the rabbit songs forum.
Finally, keep an eye on Hem's Official Site. A new look should be launched in June, which of course I'll mention again here when it happens.
March 19, 2022 -- New album information + Links
Check the news section of the Official Hem website for news about the upcoming album, called "Eveningland." Good luck to Hem in finding a label to release the album, which from songs already performed live and made available at the official site, we know sounds terrific!
In site news, I added a Links section, which you can always find through the menu on the left side of every page. It includes links to other sites about and related to Hem. Surf and enjoy!
March 6, 2022 -- Charity auction
As I mentioned in the previous update, the great folks over at the fan-run site have set up for the second year the Patty Griffin Birthday Fund Drive, a fundraising event for VVAF's Campaign for a Landmine Free World that runs until her birthday on March 16. Part of the fundraising involves a guitar auction. One of the guitars up for auction on ebay starting March 7 at 4pm (EST) is a guitar signed by Hem. I have some preview pictures of the guitar to start tempting you (and me!) now. Many thanks to Murph for the photos!
Finally, don't forget about Hem's two tour dates coming up in just a couple weeks.
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