February 2006 News Archive (older news link at bottom of page)
February 27, 2022
Feb. 16 Nashville, TN Show
Click on the image to the left to see pictures from Hem's February 16 show at Exit/In in Nashville, TN. (Thanks, Harry!). Permanent links to these photos are at the tour pictures archive and the 2006 tour archive.
West Coast Tour
The first date to appear for Hem's May west/midwest tour with Over The Rhine is in Los Angeles, CA on May 15. Check the tour page for details.
February 26, 2022
May Tour With Over The Rhine
The west finally gets some love! From today's Over The Rhine newsletter:
In May we'll be touring the West Coast and parts of the Midwest. A band called HEM is planning on joining us. Stay tuned at overtherhine.com for more info on that. The working title for the tour is "Gorgeously Stoned On You" but whether or not that sticks is anyone's guess.
Other Various Tour Updates
New to the 2006 tour archive are an updated setlist for 2/22 Annapolis, new setlists for 2/23 Pittsburgh and 2/25 Boston, a 2/25 Boston ticket, and 2 flyers for Hem's April/May tour with Josh Ritter.
February 24, 2022
WFUV Radio Show Online
Hem's Wednesday appearance on New York based radio station WFUV is now available to listen to online. Visit the WFUV archives to hear Hem's 5 minute spot on Take Five and their 30 minute interview and performance on Words and Music From Studio A. The Take Five session is basically a preview or shortened version of the longer show. You can find a permanent link to these radio shows at the interview archive.
Various Tour Updates
Enough tour dates have passed to start the 2006 tour archive. The info there is the same as what used to be on the main tour page, though new info there includes (partial) setlists for 2/20 Charlotte and 2/22 Annapolis. Just because it's in the archive doesn't mean the news is set in stone, so if you have info to add, let me know!
February 21, 2022
Feb. 17 Birmingham, AL Show
The Birmingham News reviewed this show, and you can read the article here. "Ninety minutes might be an industry standard nowadays, but Hem could have stretched way past that and still kept ticketholders in thrall."
Radio Show Wednesday
As a reminder, tomorrow Hem will be a guest on New York based radio station WFUV. They'll be on the show Take Five at 8:15am and 4:45pm and the show Words and Music From Studio A at 9:00pm. You can listen to the station live online through this page. A podcast of the Take Five spot should be made available here at noon. Hem's spots may also be archived, and if that's the case you'll find the news here. All times EST.
Album Title Meaning
The meanings page includes a new tidbit helping to explain the album title No Word From Tom taken from Hem's in-studio interview last Wednesday at Louisville, KY radio station WFPK. (Thanks to Amanda for her help!)
February 18, 2022
Feb. 17 Birmingham, AL Show
Catch up with what Hem's playing in concert these days by checking out pictures and the setlist from their show last night at Workplay in Birmingham (Thanks, Tommy!). As a reminder, the tour page includes links to all available show review information and you can find these and other concert photos at the tour pictures archive.
New Song Lyrics
Lyrics to two of the new songs Hem's performed on their current string of February tour dates are now on the lyrics page. Take a moment and go cry over Hotel Fire and Reservoir. Both these songs should be on Hem's next album of all original songs due out this summer.
February 16, 2022
Feb. 13 Arlington, VA Show
The tour page now includes links to a partial setlist and a complementary Washington Post concert review for Hem's February 13 show at Iota in Arlington, VA. I'd post uncomplementary press reviews too, but there never seem to be any for Hem's shows!
It's been a while since Hem has been on an extended tour, so I'll remind everybody that if you see Hem in concert and know any/all songs they played or have any photos of the show I'd love to hear from you and include the info in the tour archive. Just click on the contact button in the menu on the left of any page.
Upcoming Radio Show
On Wednesday, Feb. 22 Hem will be a guest at New York based radio station WFUV for an interview and performance. They'll be on the show Take Five at 8:15am and 4:45pm and the show Words and Music From Studio A at 9:00pm. (All times EST.) I'm not sure if all 3 times will air the same material or not. You can listen to the station live online through this page. Hem's spots may be archived, and if that's the case you'll find the news here. You'll also find another reminder about this radio visit here in the news next week.
February 15, 2022
Hem on Louisville Radio Today
Tune in to WFPK today at 4:00pm EST to hear Hem live in the studio before their performance tonight in Louisville, KY at Headliner's. It looks like online listening won't be available, so if anybody in the area hears the show and can email any sort of recap, or even better can email/mail a recording of the show, that would be great so everybody could find out about the studio performance/interview.
Get Free Tickets To See Hem In Philadelphia
Per Hem plea, the first 50 people who send an online receipt copy of some sort showing purchase of Hem's new album No Word From Tom to worldcafehem@nettwerk.com by 5pm on Feb. 24 will get two free tickets to see Hem at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA on Feb. 28. Can't beat that, Philly fans!
February 14, 2022
Happy Valentine's Day!
What better way to spread the love than with some music? Celebrate the day by downloading (for free!) Hem performing the song "Valentine's Day" here at Amazon.com and the Valentine's Day EP Sweet Nothings that includes Hem's song "The Present."
New York Lincoln Center Concert, Part 2
Click on the image to the left to see pictures from Hem's February 9 show at the Allen Room. There's only this one picture of the stage. The rest are photos of the venue and of things handed out at the show. In related picture news, you can grab CD art for the show download (thanks to Keith). Finally, I corrected the setlist posted yesterday to show George Rush as the bass player. It really didn't look like him up there! I like my eyes, but apparently I need some new ones. Sorry, George!
February 13, 2022
New York Lincoln Center Concert
It took me a bit longer than expected to return home from New York (Thanks, blizzard!), but finally here's an update about Hem's February 9 show at the Allen Room at Lincoln Center. The full Hem band plus a chamber orchestra played 26 songs, which you can see here. I was lucky enough to attend the show myself, and I can tell you it was all-around incredible, but you can also read the New York Times review to perhaps more objectively learn the same thing. Thanks to Keith, you can download the entire show at archive.org. Links to show details mentioned here can be found on the tour page (and later on the 2006 tour archive page once there are enough past dates to start the archive). Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of/about the show.
Birmingham News Article
The February 10, 2022 edition of the Birmingham News included a nice article about Hem that's primarily an interview with Sally Ellyson. She shared two particularly interesting bits of news. First, Hem's remaining February dates will feature the group pared down to a foursome. Although, I'll add that Dawn Landes will join Hem for the last 2 dates in Boston, MA and Philadelphia, PA. Second, Funnel Cloud is the tentative name of Hem's next album of original songs (of which "Funnel Cloud" has been mentioned as one in the band blog). You can find a permanent link to this article at the article/interview archive.
February 7, 2022
No Word From Tom Celebration Day
Hem's third full length album No Word From Tom hits stores today. Go, buy! I'll be here when you get back!
New Tour Dates
There's a slew of new tour dates in April and May on the tour page. Hem is the opening act for Josh Ritter for all these dates (which are all in the US midwest and east). Tickets are already on sale for most shows.
February 6, 2022
Sally Ellyson Interview
The top-listed story today at Richmond.com is an interview with hometown girl and Hem vocalist Sally Ellyson. Click here to read the interview of 20 questions and 20 (often very amusing) answers. You can find a permanent link to this Q&A; at the article/interview archive as the first entry for 2006.
February 3, 2022
No Word From Tom ecard
Hem sent an ecard via their mailing list that launches a full streaming session of their new album plus the album liner's explanations for each song. It says to share it with friends. Hello friends, I hope you have a faster Internet connection than I do so you don't have to wait for songs to buffer. Click on the image below to see and hear the ecard.
Discography Updates
No Word From Tom pre-orders are landing in mailboxes, and the discography page now has full details for the album (in stores on Tuesday!), including a new, larger front cover image. The CD copies I've seen don't have the white lettering across the top, but online sources like Hem's site include the letters, so I will too. We'll see what's actually in stores (next Tuesday!).
Continuing my (pokey) efforts to have better album cover images on the discography page, you can now find higher quality pictures for the album Rabbit Songs and the compilations Sweet Nothings and A Winter's Night. There's also an entirely new entry for a Tetley Holiday compilation released online last December that includes Hem performing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."
February 1, 2022
Sweet Nothings & Other Discography Updates
A new Valentine's Day inspired compilation EP called Sweet Nothings includes Hem's song "The Present." The album's only available online for download, and you can go download it for free (FREE!) here from Nettwerk. It also includes tracks by Trespassers William, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Josh Rouse, The Weepies, Leigh Nash, and The Submarines. There's also a contest at liveDaily associated with the album where you can enter to win a Motorola RAZR phone and $200 worth of clothes from Chulo Pony. The contest runs until March 1. Finally, details for this album are now on the discography page. (Thanks, Heidi!)
In other discography news probably for the sake of completion more than anything else, a few images on the discography page have been updated with larger, clearer pictures. New are pictures of the Live From The Mountain Music Lounge Vol. 10 cover and of the Rabbit Songs promotional postcard.
"Valentine's Day" Download
Another way you can get in the spirit for Valentine's Day now is to download the song. Hem covered Bruce Springsteen's "Valentine's Day" on their EP I'm Talking With My Mouth, and it is available as a free mp3 download here at Amazon. The EP was first released in September 2002 and this song has been available at Amazon since that August, but maybe it will be new for some folks, especially since the EP has been out of print for a while. If you don't already have the song, go download it now because it is fantastic.
North Carolina February Tour Date
One new tour date (and all relevant details) on the tour page: February 20 in Charlotte. Tickets are on sale now!
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