September 2005 News Archive (Older news link at bottom of page)
September 28, 2021
Today's Louisville, KY Show
Hem's performance time at tonight's WFPK Waterfront Benefit Concert is approximately 7:30pm, moved back from the 6:25pm time previously announced. At least anybody working with the old time won't miss the show and will have more time to hunt for change to donate for hurricane relief.
Discography Smorgasboard
The discography page has one new entry and two updated ones. A Dreamworks 2003 Sampler CD including Hem's "Half Acre" is new to the compilations section. More detailed information is now available for the "Redwing" CD single in the promotional section, and clearer, larger images are available for that CD's front cover as well as for the 6-track UK I'm Talking With My Mouth promotional CD.
Meanings Landfall
The meanings page includes a slew of new information from the interview with Steve Curtis, Sally Ellyson, Gary Maurer, and Dan Messe on disc 2 of the "Redwing" promotional CD. Meanings were added for the band name Hem and for the songs "Carry Me Home," "An Easy One," "The Fire Thief," "Hollow," "Receiver," and "Redwing." But wait, there's more! Meanings have also been added from the UK I'm Talking With My Mouth 2002 press release for the title I'm Talking With My Mouth and for the song "Living Without You."
September 26, 2021
Image Gallery Update
Visit Hem's image gallery to see 2 promotional pictures of the band (from the same photo session as the "Hollow" image to the left) and a variety of concert pictures you may remember from here at All About Hem. If you're curious where the tour pictures were taken and/or who took them, check the tour pictures archive.
New Tour Date
The first 2006 tour date to make the tour page is February 9 in New York at Lincoln Center. Check the tour page for details, including how to get tickets.
September 25, 2021
Resumation Of Site Updates
I'm back from turning my sister's wedding in Carmel into an excuse to traipse around Northern California, so site updates will return to their normal, as-timely-as-possible basis starting tomorrow. First up, all the Hem news from the past 2 weeks!
September 12, 2021
Important Site Update Information
I'll have limited Internet access for the next 2 weeks, and I do not expect I'll be able to update this site during that time. All information here is accurate as of Sept. 12, but additional news and info will no doubt arise before I am able to update the site. Check with Hem's site and Hem at MySpace for probably more up-to-date information.
While I'll be unable to update the site, I should be able to check my email. Even if I cannot respond right away I would be incredibly grateful to receive notes about any and all Hem news, which should help make my eventual update much easier and more complete. If you have or find any new information, please continue to email links/details to me at
I'm sorry for any inconvenience my lack of updates may cause. Updates will resume as soon as possible with a (probably large) news round-up.
September 10, 2021
New mp3 at MySpace
Hem's September 9 MySpace blog entry includes a downloadable mp3 of a song called "Gone." It's by Big Iron Skillet, a previous band of Dan's. Apparently "Horsey" isn't the only lyric partly responsible for Hem. Thanks also go to spool.
September 8, 2021
New September Tour Date
Congratulations, Louisville, KY! You're the site of Hem's only September show! See the tour page for details about the Sept. 28 concert.
"Lucky" Meaning
The meanings page includes some clarifying information about the song "Lucky" from Hem's January 25, 2022 show in Denver, CO. As a reminder, that show is available for download via torrent here. It's of great recording quality but not great concert quality (because Sally's sick).
September 3, 2021
2003 Kilkenny Pictures
Pictures from Hem's May 4, 2022 show at the Rhythm & Roots Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland are now available by clicking on the picture to the left. Permanent links to the photos can be found at the 2003 tour archive and the tour pictures archive. (Thanks, Dave!)
September 2, 2021
New Live Tracks at the Official Site
Make your way over to Hem's music page to download two songs ("Betting On Trains" and "Hollow") from their June 2005 trip to the UK. Although I'm not 100% sure, I'm reasonably confident that they're from Hem's June 22 show in London at Sheperds Bush Empire. Incidentally, it looks like Hem's adding a third domain for their official site at More new content should be there soon, so stay tuned.
1/25/05 Denver Show Download
Hem's show in Denver, CO at the Larimer Lounge on January 25, 2022 is now available for download via torrent on this page. (It's listed as Jan. 24, but the correct date is Jan. 25.) Seeds may not always exist, but they should be available at least in the near future. If you have any trouble now or later, at least I should have the show on CD soon and be able to help, as probably can Tradingland. Once I have the setlist, I'll provide it here and through the 2005 tour archive. Edited To Add:: Setlist.
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