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June 30, 2022
Boston Concert Photos
I have pictures from Hem's show last night at the Paradise in Boston, MA available through the tour page or by clicking on the picture to the left. Thanks again to the band for being so fabulously generous, chatty, and enthusiastic about everything. It was a great night!
June 29, 2022
UK Concert Reviews
As you may have already noticed, the tour page now includes links to reviews for a number of Hem's shows in the UK earlier this month. The reviews focus mostly on The Beautiful South, who Hem was supporting at many shows, but all of the articles mention Hem and there's one about Hem's headlining show in Reading. The posted show reviews are for Thetford Forest (June 10), Gloucestershire (June 17), Reading (June 23), Sherwood Forest (June 24), and Dalby Forest (June 25).
June 28, 2022
Morning Sentinel Article
The June 24, 2022 edition of Maine's Morning Sentinel includes an article about Hem that's mostly an interview with Dan Messe and Sally Ellyson. There's not really anything new there, but it's always interesting to hear about the sound of Eveningland and how the band translates that sound live.
More Reading and Bracknell Concert Pictures
New pictures from Hem's June 23, 2022 show in Reading, UK are available through the tour page or by clicking on the picture to the left. Now it's even easier to pretend that you were there! (Thanks, Darren!)
There are also new pictures from Hem's February 27, 2022 show in Bracknell available through the 2005 tour archive page or by clicking on the picture to the right. (Thanks again, Darren!)
June 27, 2022
Reading Concert Pictures
Great pictures from Hem's June 23, 2022 show in Reading, England are now available through the tour page or by clicking on the picture to the left. (Thanks, Jon!)
June 26, 2022
Tour Archive 2000-2002
Tour archive pages including setlists, pictures, and reviews are now up for the years 2000, 2001, and 2002. Now All About Hem's tour archive is complete! Although, many dates lack details, so like I mentioned in yesterday's update, if you have any additional tour information to share, please do let me know. These pages will always be accessible through the main tour page and will hopefully be an informative, interesting Hem concert archive. Sincere thanks again to everybody who's sent me information!
June 25, 2022
Tour Archive 2003-2005
One of my goals when I started this site was to assemble an archive of all Hem's tour dates including as much information about each show as possible. It took quite a while, but I've finally collated everything, verified it as best I can, and am ready to launch the full tour archive section. It will always be accessible through the tour page.
This weekend I'll post each year's tour history from 2000-2005. The 2005 tour archive and the 2004 tour archive have been online for months already, and they're unchanged save the addition of tour dates and one setlist before October 2004. Entirely new is the 2003 tour archive. Like the other tour archive pages, it includes setlists, pictures (like the preview on the left), reviews, and miscellaneous goodies for a variety of dates. Peruse and enjoy!
The tour archive will remain a work in progress, meaning that I'll always be happy and grateful to receive and share setlist, picture, review, opening act, or other information (including corrections) about any previous show. Drop me an email if you have any details to contribute. Big thanks again to everyone who's already shared concert information, especially photos, with me.
June 16, 2022
Concert Pictures
Pictures of Hem's June 11, 2022 show at Bedgebury in Kent, UK are available through the tour page or by clicking on the picture to the left. (Thanks, Sherbert!)
June 15, 2022
Miscellaneous Lyrics
The miscellaneous lyrics page now includes a pre-Eveningland version of "Strays." The key change in this early version is an extra stanza (the third). For comparison, you can find lyrics to the album version on this page. As always, all song lyrics are indexed here.
Discography Update
Two compilation albums from Hit Sheet, a music industry periodical, have been added to the discography page. These CDs were promotional in the UK and came free with Issue #63 (January 28, 2022 edition featuring "Hollow") and Issue #65 (featuring "Receiver").
Netherlands Date Change
Tonight's tour date at Paard in Den Haag, Netherlands has been cancelled. Sorry I couldn't update the tour page with that news until today - I hope nobody was inconvenienced. Whenever I go on holiday, there's always something date sensitive that makes it late to the site, and this tour change was it this time.
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