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May 30, 2022 -- Miscellaneous News
Another release of Hem's first album Rabbit Songs is on the horizon, this time on vinyl! More information will be posted as it becomes available.
Nice photos from Hem's April 22 concert in Haddam, CT are now available through a link on the 2005 tour archive page or by clicking here.
New to the discography page is a compilation album, the Q2 2003 Paste Magazine sampler CD, which includes Hem's "Half Acre." Also added to the discography page is more information about the promotional "Redwing" CD.
May 26, 2022 -- Acoustic Guitar Article
The July 2005 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine (issue #151, currently on newstands) includes an article about Hem. Among other things (such as the seemingly obligatory story of how Sally joined the band), Gary Maurer and Dan Messe talk about the production and making of Eveningland. You can read an excerpt from the article about the instruments played by Steve Curtis, Bob Hoffnar, and Gary Maurer here.
In site news, the discography page now includes more detailed information about this week's Rounder Records re-release of Rabbit Songs.
May 24, 2022 -- Rabbit Songs Re-Release Today
Rounder's re-release of Hem's first album Rabbit Songs hits stores today. Go, buy! I'll be here when you get back! For Hem fans in Canada, this re-release should be in stores near you next Tuesday, May 31.
In site news, the meanings page now includes at least a partial explanation of how Bruce Springsteen's "Valentine's Day" made it into Hem's repertoire and onto their I'm Talking With My Mouth EP.
Finally, in late news, the 2005 tour archive page now links to a very nice Paste Magazine review of Hem's February 2 show in Hollywood, CA.
May 19, 2022 -- Radio Show Available Online
I recently and very randomly ran across a new-to-me February 7, 2022 performance by Hem at radio station KUT in Austin, TX. Even though it's a few months old, maybe this show will be new to other people too. You can stream Hem's 30+ minute interview and performance on the Eklektikos show by visiting this page (scroll down to Feb. 7). The setlist is a bit atypical compared to their other radio shows, and you can read it here.
In related news, I added information from the show about the band's name and the songs "My Father's Waltz" and "Waltz" to the meanings page. When Sally's momentarily missing from the studio, discussing the old song "Waltz" is the sort of unexpected treat that apparently follows.
May 17, 2022 -- Miscellaneous Site Updates
Today the news is all about little additions to the site. The meanings page now includes more about the band's name from an April 2005 radio interview and the first informational entry for "(Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" from an April 2003 radio interview that I meant to add there ages ago.
The discography page includes a slew of new pictures for Rabbit Songs and multiple promotional CDs, mainly of liner and disc artwork. (Thanks to Kel for help with some of the pictures!) I also replaced old cover images for the "Half Acre" and the 5-track I'm Talking With My Mouth promo CDs with larger, clearer pictures.
In tour news, the 2005 tour archive page has a new link to a Hartford Courant review of Hem's April 23 show in Northampton, MA. Finally, because they're a bit random, I wanted to mention that the tour page now includes two new US dates: one in June, one in August, and both in Massachusetts.
May 14, 2022 -- The All About Hem Interview
I couldn't be more pleased to make this update. Earlier this month I met with Hem for an interview, and you can read the transcript starting on this page. It's so long it needs two pages! The interview was a terrific experience, and aside from the pains of having to listen to a recording of my voice and constantly wanting to interrupt myself on tape and make myself say more or different things, even transcribing the interview was fun. This interview obviously wouldn't have been possible without the kindness of the band, so thanks again to Dan, Gary, Sally, and Steve for everything. Maybe if I say it enough times they'll know that I'm the one who owes them thanks, not the other way around!
In related news, information from the interview has been added to the meanings page for the songs "Cincinnati Traveler," "Eveningland," "The Fire Thief," "Living Without You," "Redwing," and "When I Was Drinking" and for the Eveningland album title.
May 13, 2022 -- Mountain Stage Show Radio Broadcast and Discography Update
As a reminder, the Mountain Stage show Hem taped on March 18 will start airing on radio stations across the US starting today. Hem should be the fourth act on the program. You can find radio stations and the dates and times they air the program on this page. If the show isn't broadcast in your area, some radio stations like WXPN have web broadcasts available from their website, so check stations with linked websites or just visit this handy page. If you're curious, their setlist is here.
In site news, I added a few new items to the discography page: a Minnesota Public Radio compilation and card sleeve UK promotional CDs for Rabbit Songs and I'm Talking With My Mouth. I also added small details to a few items, such as listing CD details for the UK release of Eveningland and better distinguishing details between various Rabbit Songs pressings. As another reminder, don't forget that on May 24 Rounder Records is re-releasing Rabbit Songs, and you can pre-order it at their site here (European customers go here, though you may not be able to pre-order outside the US). The album is also available online through various stores such as Hem's official store.
May 12, 2022 -- Concert Pictures and New/Old "Carry Me Home" Lyrics
New pictures of Hem's April 17 show in Philadelphia, PA are available through the tour page or by clicking on the picture to the left. Thanks, Big Bill!
In site news, I managed to leave lyrics for the early version of "Carry Me Home" off the lyrics page I just updated yesterday. It's there now, though I'm not 100% sure about the last word of verse #1. "Told" was fan consensus at some point, I believe, so I went with that. Better guess? Let me know!
May 11, 2022 -- Lyrics Update, Available Article, and Trading
The lyrics page has been updated to include unreleased tracks including the often-performed "Tennessee Waltz" and the studio outtakes "Oh No" and "Hymn #1" (which is instrumental but listed for completion's sake).
It's been there for a number of weeks, but I don't think I ever mentioned that No Depression's website now includes the text for its great, long November-December 2004 article about Hem.
If anybody is interested, I now have a trading page including all the live Hem shows I have (and want) for trade. I'll keep it updated but won't always note it here. I just wanted to mention it now as it's new. It's permanently linked to from the FAQ page and tour pages (current and archived).
May 7, 2022 -- Concert Pictures
Pictures of and the setlist for yesterday's Hem show in Boston, MA are available through the tour page or by clicking on the picture to the left. Mountains of thanks to the entire band for making the night so grand! Stay tuned for more reasons why the band is the best and deserves heaps of gratitude!
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