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If you want to know everything about the band Hem, you're in the right place!
January 11, 2024
All About Me
Today is All About Hem's 20th birthday! Thanks to all the site's visitors over the years. Special thanks to Geof (and his wife) for hosting this site with such kindness and support for many of those years. As always, the biggest thanks goes to Hem, especially Dan, Gary, Sally, and Steve, for more reasons than I can say. If anybody had told me 20 years ago I'd still have this site in 2024, and be updating it with new Hem info, I would probably have laughed in your face. I am pleased to have been wrong.
Social Media
Follow All About Hem on social media! I'm on Threads, Instagram, and Twitter. They're sparse now, except Twitter since the account was set up ages ago, but should not stay that way. All site updates will be posted on Threads and Twitter, so a follow there will help keep you up to date.
December 20, 2023
New Hem podcast, episode 4
Listen to the fourth episode of a new Hem podcast that's titled "Rabbit Memories" and subtitled "Dan and Gary finish each other's sentences like an old married couple." Dan and Gary reminisce about the making of Hem's first album Rabbit Songs. That album page was riddled with broken links, which I just fixed, so please someone visit it! But only after you listen to the podcast.
December 4, 2023
New Hem podcast, episode 3
Listen to the third episode of a new Hem podcast that's titled "Filigree" and subtitled "The lost Halloween episode." Dan and Gary talk about music they've been listening to and divert a bit into car DJing during ye olde Hem touring days.
November 13, 2023
Hem in the studio
As teased in the first episode of Hem's new podcast, Hem is in the studio this month recording new music. Hooray! The band posted an enigmatic photo of a microphone and (blurry) lyrics in a New York studio on Facebook and Twitter.
Articles update
The articles page has been updated with a 2017 article. There are a lot of articles about Dan Messé's work on "Amélie," but in this one he particularly talks about Hem. Its title, "Raised on his mother’s show tunes, a composer takes a shot at Broadway," also reflects the title of Hem's latest podcast episode, "Our Mother's Waltz!"
New Hem podcast, episode 2
The second episode of Hem's new podcast is here! It's Dan and Gary and a room full of kittens.
November 1, 2023
"Leave Me Here" meanings update
The song meanings page has been updated with a little tidbit about "Leave Me Here" from the Rabbit Songs album.
New Hem podcast, episode 1
Listen to the first episode of a new Hem podcast that the band has taglined Dan and Gary yakking about the music we love. They also talk about how Hem would change up versions of their songs when they played them live. Plus, burying the lede, they reveal that the band is heading to the studio soon to record new music!
October 3, 2023
Hem and All About Hem is back!
Hem is making new music for you! Right now! HOORAY! Visit the band's Facebook page for the annoucement and a photo.

Apologies for any broken links and missing images you'll find browsing the site, which will be many. My image/page hosting has undergone enough changes in recent years that the site doesn't look or work as well as it used to and as I would like. Please bear with me as I try to rebuild the site. If there is anything I can help you with in the meantime, drop me an email. (Email was broken for an extended time, but it's fixed now! So if you wrote and never heard back, that's why. I'm sorry!)
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